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Panther GmbH
Founded 1986 (1986)
Founder Erich Fitz
Headquarters Aying, Germany
Area served
Key people
Managing Director Andreas Fitz
Total assets 6 Mio. Euro

The Panther GmbH is a film technical company situated in Aying, Munich which develops and produces professional camera cranes and dollies. For the first ever electro – mechanical Camera dolly to be built,the "Super Panther", Mr. Erich Fitz, the founder of the company, received the Oscar "Scientific & Engineering Award".[1] in the year 1990.


1990 - Founder Erich Fitz (left), Waltraud Fitz (middle) and Karl Malden (right) at the ceremony of technical Oscars, the "Scientific and Engineering Award" (AMPAS)

The Panther GmbH was founded in 1986 by Mr. Erich Fitz and specialized in the Production, Sales and Rental of film equipment. In 1990 Panther moved along with its subsidiary HTG GmbH which was founded in 1988 [2] to Oberhaching.

In 1991 there were two more Rental points opened in Prague and Hamburg. In 1999 Mr. Fitz decided, because of the great expansion to build a new premises was opened in 2001.

In 2008 at the Cinec in Munich Panther celebrated the 25th anniversary of producing Panther Dollies and presented the 1000th electro–mechanical dolly which was built in gold for the occasion.[3]

In the year 2010 Panther developed the Tristar and opened a further Rental point in Berlin. A year later the family Fitz decided to change their strategy and ended their Rental business as they did not want to be in competition with their customers.[4] Panther Rental Prague was sold to ARRI. In 2012 the Panther Rental points in Munich, Hamburg and Berlin were sold to a subsidiary of Bavaria Studios and Production Services, to complete the strategy changes met in 2011.

Andreas Fitz, son of the company founder Erich Fitz, bought all shares from his family and is now Executive President of the company.[4] Since that the company concentrates itself on the development and distribution of Dollies and cranes


Tristar dolly with patented "High-Low-Drehkreuz"
Trixy Remote Head - 3 axis system

The company produces film cranes, Dollies, remote controlled swivel and angle setup for cameras, tripods and support for cameras.

Over the years Panther has held many patents for their products and developments.

  • Linear column guiding
  • Combi – wheels
  • “Crab and Steer“ steering gear
  • Foldable Dolly
  • Fluid heads
  • Film objective
  • Transport system for camera cranes
  • Pedestal
  • High-low-turnstile
  • Dolly platform system

Panther Prize[edit]

Since 1999 the company Panther GmbH presents during the “International festival of the film high school“ in Munich the “Panther Prize“ for young talent. From a line up of nominated short films the jury from Panther chooses the best film. During the prize award the director of the chosen film receives an award and a voucher for the rental of original Panther-machines for the next film production.[5]


  • 1990 - Oscar: "Scientific and Engineering Award" (A.M.P.A.S.) - for the worldwide first electro-mechanic camera dolly the 2Super Panther"[1]
  • 1998 - Cinec Award - for the "Evolution Dolly"[6]
  • 1998 - Golden Frog - "for substantial technical contribution"[7]
  • 2002 - Cinec Award - for the "Galaxy Crane"[8]
  • 2006 - Cinec Award - for the "Foxy Advanced Crane"[9]
  • 2014 - Cinec Award - for the "Precision Levelling Track"[10]

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