Pantoja Park

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Pantoja Park
Pantoja Park.jpg
Pantoja Park (foreground)
Pantoja Park is located in San Diego
Pantoja Park
Type Public
Location San Diego, California, U.S.
Coordinates 32°42′47″N 117°10′04″W / 32.713011°N 117.167834°W / 32.713011; -117.167834Coordinates: 32°42′47″N 117°10′04″W / 32.713011°N 117.167834°W / 32.713011; -117.167834
Created 1850
Status Open year round

Pantoja Park is a public park located in the Marina District of Downtown San Diego, California. Originally built in 1850, it is the oldest park in the city of San Diego.[1] The park is named for Don Juan Pantoja y Arriola, a Spanish navigator who drew the first map of San Diego Bay in 1782.[2] In the park stands a statue of Benito Juarez, a gift from the Mexican government in 1981.[3] Located on G Street near Columbia Street, Pantoja Park is a small oasis of open greenery in quickly redeveloping Downtown San Diego.[1]

Pantoja Park features a large grassy area and multiple large mature trees.[4] The park has several towering old fig trees, shrubs and flowers, benches, walking paths, and a historic Natal Plum planted in the middle of the park.[5] Two years after the formation of San Diego's Historical Resources Board, Pantoja Park was registered as the seventh San Diego Historic Landmark in 1969.[6]

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