Panzara River

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Panzara River on a cloudy monsoon day. The photo was taken from the Dhule city side, on the other side is Deopur, which is a suburb of Dhule. The image shows Chhota Pul or small bridge on the left hand side, and Motha Pul or big bridge on the right hand side.

The Panzara-Kan or Panjhra[1] is a river in the Kandesh region of Maharashtra state of India. It is a tributary of the Tapi River. The Panjhra River originates just few kilometers from the small town of Pimpalner, tal-sakri in Dhule District. At its headwaters is a small reservoir which was created when the Latipada Dam was constructed.


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Coordinates: 21°13′27″N 74°56′42″E / 21.22417°N 74.94500°E / 21.22417; 74.94500