Panzer Badge

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Panzer Badge
Panzer badge.jpg
Awarded by Nazi Germany
EligibilityMilitary personnel
Awarded forArmoured warfare
Campaign(s)World War II
Established20 December 1939
Approx. 34,500

The Panzer Badge (German: Panzerkampfabzeichen) was a World War II military decoration of Nazi Germany awarded to troops in armoured divisions. Introduced on 20 December 1939, the Panzer Badge was authorized for armoured personnel and Panzer grenadier units equipped with armoured vehicles.[1] It was also to be presented to members of armoured reconnaissance groups and rifle battalions of Panzer divisions. The authorization of these badges was usually done at a regimental or divisional level.[2]

The 1957 version

The tank in the centre of the medal is a Panzer IV.[2] The 50 and 100 engagement badges were struck in a lightweight zinc alloy; this was so that the larger pin did not pull inconveniently on the tunic.[2] The 1957 de-Nazified version lost the eagle and the swastika, but was otherwise unchanged.[2]


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