Panzer Bandit

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Panzer Bandit
PanzerBandit frontcover.jpg
Developer(s) Fill-in-Cafe
Publisher(s) Banpresto
Designer(s) Masatoshi Imaizumi
Composer(s) Kanta Watanabe
Platform(s) PlayStation, PlayStation Network
Release date(s) PlayStation
  • JP August 7, 1997
PlayStation Network
  • JP July 6, 2011
Mode(s) Single-player

Panzer Bandit (パンツァーバンディット?) is a PlayStation video game, developed by Fill-in-Cafe and published by Banpresto in 1997.


The game is a side-scrolling beat 'em up that uses the same engine used in Mad Stalker: Full Metal Force also for the PlayStation.

The gameplay is fairly simple with 2 attack buttons (strong and weak) and the directional pad for moving left, right, crouching, and jumping. Shoulder buttons can also be used to change between foreground and background and can be used to activate the character's special attack.

An unusual aspect of the game is that if the player stands still during an attack, it is considered a guard. Other features include a combo counter and a guided elemental attack which launches an enemy.

There are a total of 12 characters including the 4 story characters and the 8 unlockable bosses.

There are 8 stages to complete in total.


In the world of Panzer Bandit, sources have since gone scarce with the reduction in energy that is consistently used by humans. For this, an organization called Arc, led by the evil Prof. Fuarado, seek to manipulate the consumption of preserved energy and ultimately conquer the world with that in possession. For the course of the game, your heroes are required to take the preserved energy before Arc and ultimately, destroy whatever is left of Arc.