Paohanli Peak

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Paohanli Peak
Paohanli Peak is located in China
Paohanli Peak
Paohanli Peak
Location in China
Highest point
Elevation 7,128 m (23,386 ft)
Coordinates 27°56′04″N 88°50′38″E / 27.93444°N 88.84389°E / 27.93444; 88.84389Coordinates: 27°56′04″N 88°50′38″E / 27.93444°N 88.84389°E / 27.93444; 88.84389
Location Tibet, China / Sikkim, India

Paohanli Peak or Paunhuri (simplified Chinese: 泡罕里峰; traditional Chinese: 泡罕里峰 ; Standard Tibetan: ???,is a 7,128-metre-high (23,386 ft) peak at the border of Zarkang, Yadong County, Tibet (China) and Sikkim (India). From the north to the south, near Paohanli Peak there are four peaks with an altitude of over 6,500 m (21,325 ft): Molayi, Tovhenyolu, Qijolabje and Kanchangbinshong.[1][2]


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