Paolo Consorti

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Paolo Consorti
Born (1964-08-09) 9 August 1964 (age 52)
San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy
Nationality Italian
Alma mater School of Fine Arts, Italy

Paolo Consorti (San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy, 1964) is an Italian artist.


Paolo Consorti attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata, and while there, he participated in some cinematographic collaborations with Sergei Bondarchuk. In 1991, he debuted his first solo exposition at the Palazzo Ducale di Urbino. In 1992, the philosopher Hans-Georg Gadamer made a comparison between Consorti and Hieronymus Bosch on the base of their shared “contrast between pictorial and dramatic balance of modern and post-modern”.[1] In 1994, the art critic Pierre Restany called Consorti’s work the “emergence of a sublime post-modern style”.[2] In 1996, he participated in the XII Quadrennial National Art exhibit at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome.

In 2003, he took part in the First Prague Biennial at the Veletrzni Palac in Prague, and the next year he participated in the XIV Quadrennial National Art exhibit at the Palazzo della Promotrice in Turin and was included in the Zanichelli Art encyclopedia. In 2006, Consorti took part in "Garten Eden – Der Garten in der Kunst seit 1900" in Emden, Germany, and was one of the Italian artists chosen to represent Italy in the nature and metamorphosis expositions at the Urban Planning Exhibition Center in Shanghai and the Millennium Art Museum in Beijing. In 2008, he showed his work at the World Olympic Fine Arts Museum in Beijing and was invited to the Moscow Biennial for Young Art at the Ruarts Foundation of Moscow.[3] Also in 2008, he was picked for the Farnesiana Young Collection at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, exhibiting the works of young Italian artists most representative of the national scene, and he was included in the young Italian art Top 100 published by Flash Art.[4] In 2009, Consorti created a large fresco of the nativity, electronically projected on a public square in Assisi.[5] In 2010, he created some music videos for the Italian edition of the TV show X Factor.[6]

In 2011, he took part in the 54th Venice Biennal at the Italian Pavilion, where he presented the first performance in his Rebellio Patroni series. This was a work in progress that was composed of different performances in which the patron saints of Italian cities acted with paradoxical actions in the present time. The act included the participation of Elio, from the band Elio e le Storie Tese, who played the part of Francis of Assisi.[7][8] He followed this by a performance at the Madre Museum in Naples, with actor Giobbe Covatta playing San Gennaro.[9][10] He has also done solo expositions in Melbourne, Berlin, Amsterdam, Minneapolis, Hamburg, New York, Marshall and Tokyo. In June 2012 he will bring "Rebellio patroni" with a great solo show with Paintings, installations, video an performance at Palazzo Reale of Milan.

Films and art videos[edit]


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