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Paolo Emilio Cesi (1481–1537) was an Italian Roman Catholic cardinal.[1][2]


Paolo Emilio Cesi was born in Umbria in 1481. One of twelve children born to Roman noble Angelo Cesi and Francesca Cardoli.[1] His younger brother, Federico Cesi, also became a cardinal.[1] After finishing school, he moved to Rome where he served as a notary at the Fifth Council of the Lateran, a canon of Santa Maria Maggiore, a protonotary apostolic, and a regent of the Chancery of Apostolic Briefs.[1]

He was named cardinal deacon by Pope Leo X in the consistory of July 1, 1517.[1][2] On July 6, 1517, he received the red hat and the deaconry of San Nicola in Carcere.[1][2] He participated in the papal conclave of 1521-22 that elected Pope Adrian VI.[1][2]

He was the administrator of the see of Lund from February 6, 1520 to July 12, 1521; administrator of the see of Sion from November 12, 1522 until September 8, 1529; and administrator of the see of Todi from June 1, 1523 until he resigned in favor of his brother Federico.[1][2] Pope Adrian VI named him one of the judges in the case against Cardinal Francesco Soderini.[1]

He participated in the papal conclave of 1523 that elected Pope Clement VII.[1][2]

He was administrator of the see of Narni from May 20, 1524 to June 1, 1524; administrator of the see of Civita Castellana from April 7, 1525 until his death; and administrator of the see of Cervia from 1525 until March 23, 1528.[1][2]

He lost all of his goods during the Sack of Rome (1527).[1]

In the absence of the pope, he was governor of Rome in 1529.[1] From October 6, 1529 until October 21, 1530, he was administrator of the see of Massa Marittima.[1][2] He opted for the deaconry of Sant'Eustachio on September 5, 1534.[1][2]

Under Pope Clement VII, he was Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura.[1] He was also the cardinal protector of the Duchy of Savoy, and vice-protector of the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Ireland.[1]

He participated in the papal conclave of 1534 that elected Pope Paul III.[1][2] On August 23, 1535, the new pope made him a member of the commission on reform of the Roman Curia.[1]

He died in Rome on August 5, 1537.[1] He is buried in the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore.[1] While bishop, he was the prinicpal co-consecrator of Cristoforo Numai, Bishop of Isernia.[2]

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