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Coronation of Mary, Gallerie dell'Accademia, Venice.
Virgin Mary and Child, Louvre Museum, 1354.

Paolo Veneziano, also Veneziano Paolo or Paolo da Venezia (born before 1333, died after 1358) was a medieval painter from Venice. He has been called "the most important Venetian painter of the 14th century".[1]

He was born to a family of artists, and worked together with his sons Marco, Luca, and Giovanni. He was official painter of Andrea Dandolo, for whom he painted the Pala Feriale.

Paolo is sometimes held to be the Master of the Washington Coronation, although this has been disputed by numerous sources.


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There is a large altarpiece by this Late Medieval painter in the Worcester Art Museum in Massachusetts. There is also a devotional painting by Paolo Veneziano in the National Gallery,Washington,D.C("Coronation of the Virgin")

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