Papal Legations

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Papal Legations
Legazioni Pontificie
Subdivision of the Papal States



Flag Coat of arms
Flag of the Papal States Coat of arms
of the Papal States
Location of Papal Legations
The Papal Legations shown within the Papal States
Capital Bologna
44°30.45′N 11°21.08′E / 44.50750°N 11.35133°E / 44.50750; 11.35133Coordinates: 44°30.45′N 11°21.08′E / 44.50750°N 11.35133°E / 44.50750; 11.35133
Government Monarchy
Historical era Early modern period
 •  Congregazione del
    Buon Governo (it)

15 August 1592 1592
 •  Acquisition of Ferrara
    on extinction of
    legitimate Este line

27 October 1597
 •  Annexed to Sardinian
    client Central Italy

8 December 1859 1859
 •  Central Italy annexed
    to Piedmont-Sardinia

March 1860
Today part of  Italy

The term Papal Legation, in a territorial sense, refers to certain northern administrative regions of the erstwhile Papal States: specifically the "Legations" of Ferrara, Bologna, and Romagna. In 1860, after a referendum which followed the Second Italian War of Independence, the Papal Legations became part of the Kingdom of Sardinia.

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