Papal conclave, 1334

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Papal conclave
Sede vacante.svg
Coat of arms during the vacancy of the Holy See
Dates and location
Palais des Papes, Avignon
Candidates Jean-Raymond de Comminges
Ballots 1
Elected Pope
Jacques Fournier
(Name taken: Benedict XII)
Benedikt XII1.png

The papal conclave, 1334 elected Jacques Fournier as Pope Benedict XII to succeed Pope John XXII.


An early favorite among the papabile was Jean-Raymond de Comminges, whom enough cardinals agreed to support that he could have been elected had he consented to a condition not to return the papacy to Rome. Nonetheless, he refused the offer.[1]

A common practice at the time was for Cardinals to vote for a Cardinal who was not considered a real possibility for the papacy on the first ballot, in order to see how the other Cardinals were leaning. However, this time, an unusual thing happened: every Cardinal except Cardinal Fournier independently voted for Fournier. The Cardinals had not planned this, so the accession of the obscure Fournier on the first ballot was an entirely accidental affair.[1]


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