Papal conclave, 1691

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Papal conclave
February–July 1691
Sede vacante.svg
Coat of arms during the vacancy of the Holy See
Dates and location
12 February – 12 July 1691
Apostolic Palace, Papal States
Key officials
Dean Alder Cibo
Sub-Dean Flavio Chigi
Camerlengo Paluzzo Paluzzi Altieri degli Albertoni
Protopriest Francesco Maidalchini
Protodeacon Urbano Sacchetti
Elected Pope
Antonio Pignatelli
(Name taken: Innocent XII)
Pope Innocent XII.PNG

The papal conclave of 1691 was convened on the death of Pope Alexander VIII. It lasted for five months, from 12 February to 12 July 1691, making it the longest conclave of the 17th century. It finally elected Pope Innocent XII.

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