Papanack Park Zoo

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Papanack Park Zoo
Date opened 1994
Location Wendover, Ontario Canada
Coordinates 45°33′34.1″N 75°07′13.7″W / 45.559472°N 75.120472°W / 45.559472; -75.120472Coordinates: 45°33′34.1″N 75°07′13.7″W / 45.559472°N 75.120472°W / 45.559472; -75.120472
No. of species 36

The Papanack Park Zoo is a small zoo in Wendover, Ontario. It opened to the public in 1994 for a one-year trial. It started as a family owned and operated facility breeding exotic animals and birds in the early 1980s.

It hosts 36 different species, including snow monkeys, cougars, snow leopard and white lion cubs. These cubs are the offspring of the zoo's African lions although they did not stay white as they grew. They also have four white Bengal tigers including a "snowball" tiger named Venus. The zoo is approximately a 25-minute drive from Canada's capital of Ottawa.

A number of animals at the zoo have been shown in the children's documentary, Zoboomafoo, featuring Chris Kratt and Martin Kratt. In addition, an African lion named Simba was a model for production sketches of the main character used in Disney's The Lion King.