Papanui High School

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Papanui High School
In Opere Felicitas
"Be happy in your work"
30 Langdons Road,
New Zealand
Coordinates Coordinates: 43°29′35″S 172°36′25″E / 43.4931°S 172.6069°E / -43.4931; 172.6069
Type State Co-educational Secondary (Year 9-13)
Established 1936
Ministry of Education Institution no. 316
Principal Jeff Smith
School roll 1600
Socio-economic decile 7O[1]

Papanui High School (PHS) is a secondary school (years 9-13) in Papanui, a suburb of Christchurch city, New Zealand.

Papanui High School is a coeducational secondary school, located between Northlands Mall and Firestone former tyre factory, opposite the Christchurch Sanitarium Health Food Company factory. The school was founded as Papanui Technical College in 1936 and was officially renamed Papanui High School in 1949.[2]

The current Principal is Jeff Smith; he took over from acting Principal Bronwyn Walsh in 2011. Prior to Walsh's tenure as acting Principal, Dennis Pyatt was Principal from 2000 to 2009. In past years, the school performed poorly in various academic areas; passing rates for the NZQA National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) and University Entrance (U.E) were below the New Zealand national average.Under the leadership of Dennis Pyatt, grades rose significantly and NCEA results are now above the national average at Level 1. In 2006 66% of Year 11 students gained NCEA Level 1. That figure has since risen to 70% in 2007 and 75% in 2008. NCEA performance in Level 2 has also reached the national average.[3] A relatively wide selection of subjects with varying degrees of difficulty also encourages success. Due to this success, Papanui High School's profile in the community rose significantly.

There is a strong sense of 'multiculturalism,' advocated by Mr Pyatt, which has seen strengthening Asian, Maori and Island cultures within the school community. Cultural significance in Papanui High School also extends to the performing arts, with a team winning the Subway 2007 Stage Challenge in Christchurch. A long line of successful plays and productions in Papanui's history also mark this cultural vibrance. In 2009 the New Zealand Education Review office came to the school and recommended Papanui High School be shown as an exemplar of how a school should be run. E.R.O was so impressed that it would only coming back to Papanui in 5 years rather than its normal 3 years.

Notable alumni[edit]