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Aigani (Greek: Αιγάνη) is a village and a community in the municipal unit of Kato Olympos, which is part of the municipality of Tempi in the Larissa regional unit, Thessaly, Greece. The community consists of the villages Aigani, Kastri-Loutro, Kato Aigani, Nea Mesangala and Papapouli. It is located at an altitude of 250 meters and 40 km both from the cities of Larissa and Katerini.

Aigani has many natural attractions and combines the mountain with the sea. The beach of Aigani consists of two settlements. The first one Nea Mesangala and the other one Kastri-Loutro.

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Coordinates: 39°57′N 22°37′E / 39.950°N 22.617°E / 39.950; 22.617