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Native to Guinea-Bissau, Senegal
Ethnicity Papel people
Native speakers
140,000 (2006)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 pbo
Glottolog pape1239[2]

Papel (Pepel, Papei), or Oium (Moium), is a Bak language of Guinea-Bissau.

Papel is the language spoken by the Papel People, who live in the central coastal regions of Guinea-Bissau, namely the Biombo Region were it is spoken by 136,000 Bissau-Guineans. Papel speakers are estimated to be around 140,000 in total globally.[3]

Papel is part of the Bak language family based in the Senegal/Guinea-Bissau region, thus it is linguistically similar to the Mankanya and Mandjak languages, members of the 'Papel languages' a language sub-family. Today, Papel, along with its linguistic neighbours uses latin based script.

 Bak proper 


Jola languages (Diola)

Papel languages



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