Papua New Guinea (song)

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"Papua New Guinea"
Fsol - papua new guinea 1991.jpg
Single by The Future Sound of London
from the album Accelerator
Released 1991
Format CD
Recorded Earthbeat Studios
Genre Electronica, techno, ambient, breakbeat techno[1]
Length 6:45
Label Jumpin' & Pumpin' Records
Cat. 12 TOT 17 (first pressing)
Writer(s) Brian Dougans
Garry Cobain
Producer(s) FSOL
Andrew Weatherall
Graham Massey
Hamish McDonald
among others
The Future Sound of London singles chronology
"Pulse 3 EP"
"Papua New Guinea"
"Papua New Guinea '92"

"Papua New Guinea" is a 1991 song by the electronic music group Future Sound of London. It was the group's debut single and later appeared on their full-length album Accelerator. The single reached #22 on the UK singles chart. The track has been remixed and released many times since its original release, both legitimately and in bootleg format on CD, Vinyl and Cassette.[2]

The track[edit]

The song became a popular rave and club track almost immediately upon its release. The original mix notably samples the bassline from Meat Beat Manifesto's proto-jungle track "Radio Babylon", the tambourine from Bobby Byrd's "Hot Pants - I'm Coming, I'm Coming, I'm Coming", vocals of Lisa Gerrard's singing lifted from the Dead Can Dance song "Dawn of the Iconoclast", from their 1987 album 'Within the Realm of a Dying Sun' and "Shelter Me" by Circuit. "Papua New Guinea" was perhaps FSOL's most club-oriented track; most of the remixes on the single are very dancefloor-friendly. After Accelerator's release, however, they moved in increasingly ambient and experimental directions.

In 2001, a new set of remixes was released by FSOL's label, Jumpin' & Pumpin'. Soon after that, Future Sound of London themselves released Papua New Guinea Translations, which extended the track into a 45-minute-long EP.

"Papua New Guinea" was featured in the 1997 Gregg Araki film Nowhere and in the 1992 film Cool World. In the film, Garry Cobain was mis-credited as "Garry Cockbain", which was the original spelling of his name.[3]

The remix version of "Papua New Guinea" was also featured in the 2002 PlayStation 2 game Wipeout Fusion.

The track remains arguably their most recognisable and celebrated song, it has made several (British) " songs ever" polls and track specific accolades.[4][5][6]

The single (and album Accelerator) was also included in British music magazine Melody Maker's, end-of-year, best albums / singles retrospective. The track is also featured in the soundtrack of EA Sports game, 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa .

It's also the opening theme for the football TV programme FutbolCat, on Catalan public sports TV Esport3.

The track was also featured in the EastEnders special live thirtieth anniversary episode.

The track was featured in the soundtrack for Forza Horizon 3.

Publication Country Accolade Year Rank
Melody Maker United Kingdom "Singles of the Year"[7] 1992 13
Pitchfork Media United States "The Top 200 Tracks of the 1990s"[8] 2010 147


1991/2003 release[edit]

The original recording was released twice in 1991 and 2003 on CD and Vinyl and Cassette with time totaling at 13:10. The Dali Mix features elsewhere as 12" Original Mix ergo the "single" version as opposed to the 6:45 long album version. The catalog number is 12 TOT 17 and S12DJ-107 on the 2003 version.

  1. "Papua New Guinea (Dali Mix)" – (4.57)
  2. "Papua New Guinea (Dub Child Of Q Mix)" – (4.21)
  3. "Papua New Guinea (Qube Mix)" – (4.32)
"Papua New Guinea '92"
Single by The Future Sound of London
Released 1992
The Future Sound of London singles chronology
"Papua New Guinea"
"Papua New Guinea '92"
"Fuzzy Logic EP"

1992/1996 release[edit]

This version was released with a plethora of remixes and was 37:04 in length. The catalog number is CLP 9743-2. It was also released on CD and Vinyl and Cassette.

  1. "Papua New Guinea (7" Original)" – 3:47
  2. "Papua New Guinea (Andrew Weatherall Mix)" – 9:43 (CD - early fade); 11:24 (12")
  3. "Papua New Guinea (Dub Mix)" – 1:20
  4. "Papua New Guinea (Journey to Pyramid)" – 5:25
  5. "Papua New Guinea (Graham Massey Mix)" – 3:48
  6. "Papua New Guinea (Dub Child of Q Mix)" – 4:20
  7. "Papua New Guinea (12" Original)" – 4:57
  8. "Papua New Guinea (Hamish McDonald Mix)" – 5:04

"Papua New Guinea 2001"[edit]

"Papua New Guinea 2001"
Single by The Future Sound of London
Released 2001
The Future Sound of London singles chronology
"Stakker Humanoid 2001"
"Papua New Guinea 2001"
"Papua New Guinea Translations"

This release featured all new remixes from more top names including Satoshi Tomiie and these tracks were also featured in numerous dance compilation albums such as the Ministry of Sound and Gatecrasher albums of the time, the Hybrid mix also featured on the WipEout Fusion soundtrack. The catalog number for this release is CDS TOT 44 and it is 15:15 long.

  1. Papua New Guinea (7" Original) - (3:41)
  2. Papua New Guinea (Satoshi Tomiie Radio-Path) - (3:41)
    • Edited By - Satoshi Tomiie, Scott Bradford
    • Remix - Satoshi Tomiie
  3. Papua New Guinea (Hybrid Radio Edit) - (3:53)
    • Edited By - Ralph Tee
    • Producer [Additional] - Hybrid
    • Remix - Hybrid
  4. Papua New Guinea (Blue States Mix) - (4:39)
    • Edited By - Ralph Tee
    • Producer [Additional] - Blue States
    • Remix - Blue States
  5. Papua New Guinea (Simian Mix) - (3:42)
    • Producer [Additional] - Simian
    • Remix - Simian


"Papua New Guinea Translations"
Single by The Future Sound of London
Released 2002
The Future Sound of London singles chronology
"Papua New Guinea 2001"
"Papua New Guinea Translations"
"The Mello Hippo Disco Show"

This version vastly changed the song to almost unrecognizable proportions and added a string section, sitars and different female vocals. The catalog number is CD TOT 52 and it is 53:38 long.

  1. Translation 1: 12" Original - (4:58)
  2. Translation 2: Papsico - (9:50)
  3. Translation 3: The Lovers - (9:05)
    • Guitar [Electric] - Stinky Rowe*
    • Voice [Female Voices] - Linda Lewis
  4. Translation 4: Wooden Ships - (6:02)
    • Guitar - Paolo Longheu
  5. Translation 5: The Great Marmalade Mama In The Sky - (4:38)
  6. Translation 6: Requiem - (6:05)
  7. Translation 7: Things Change Like The Patterns And Shades That Fall From The Sun (6:01)
  8. Translation 8: The Big Blue - (7:39)
    • Guitar [Electric] - Stinky Rowe*

"Herd & White remixes"[edit]

"Papua New Guinea Herd & White remixes"
Single by The Future Sound of London
Released 2007
The Future Sound of London singles chronology
"The Witchfinder"
"Papua New Guinea Herd & White remixes"
"Archived EP"

This limited edition release was only released on Vinyl, ergo for use by DJs and was remixed by the UK's Jason Herd and Jon White. The catalog number is 12 TOT 45 and it is 18:11 long.

  1. Papua New Guinea (Herd & White Remix) - (7:52)
  2. Papua New Guinea (Herd & White No Acid Mix) - (7:52)
  3. Papua New Guinea (Herd & White Radio Mix) - (3:07)

"Seismic Waves Remix"[edit]

  1. Papua New Guinea (Seismic Waves Remix) - (7:13)

This remix by UK producers Seismic Waves debuted on their 2010 Miami Winter Music Conference set, as broadcast on Miami music station Radio Danz. No official release date has been confirmed.

Chart Position[edit]

Year Single Chart Position
1992 "Papua New Guinea" UK Singles Chart #22
2001 "Papua New Guinea" UK Singles Chart #28


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