Papua New Guinea Independence Medal

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Papua New Guinea Independence Medal
PNG Independence Medal.png
Ribbon of medal
Awarded by Papua New Guinea
TypeIndependence Medal
EligibilityCivilian, military and police personnel
Awarded forservice in Papua New Guinea at and prior to independence
Next (higher)Commendation Medal for Valuable Service
Next (lower)Community Service Medal

The Papua New Guinea Independence Medal was created in 1975 to commemorate the transition from self-government to the full independence of Papua New Guinea. It is a part of the Papua New Guinea honours system.


The Government of Papua New Guinea awarded the Papua New Guinea Independence Medal to members of the Papua New Guinea Defence Force, who had served between 1 December 1973 and 16 September 1975. Civilian recipients were honoured for outstanding service during the same period of time. Military personnel and civilians from Commonwealth realms such as Australia and the New Zealand were also awarded the medal.[1]


Country Preceding Following
Australia Australia
Australian Honours Order of Precedence[2]
Anniversary of National Service 1951–1972 Medal Foreign Awards
Worn in order of date of award
New Zealand New Zealand
New Zealand Honours Order of Precedence[3]
Rhodesia Medal Service Medal of the Order of St John
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Order of precedence[4]
Fiji Independence Medal Solomon Islands Independence Medal

Notable recipients[edit]


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