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Papua or Papuan may refer to:

Relating to the island of New Guinea[edit]

  • New Guinea, a large island in the southwest Pacific Ocean
  • Papuan people, who are indigenous to New Guinea and the Solomon Islands
  • Papuan languages, spoken by Papuan peoples
  • Papua New Guinea, an independent country comprising the eastern half of the island of New Guinea
    • Territory of Papua and New Guinea (1949–1975), an Australian-administered predecessor of Papua New Guinea
    • Territory of Papua (1884–1949), a British/Australian-administered territory in southeastern New Guinea, united in 1949 with Territory of New Guinea to the north
    • Territory of New Guinea (1919–1975), an Australian administered territory
    • Papua Region, one of the four current regions of Papua New Guinea, roughly coterminous with the former Territory of Papua
  • Western New Guinea, the Indonesian western half of the island of New Guinea, known officially as Papua from 2002 to 2003
  • Gulf of Papua, a region on the south shore of New Guinea

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