Papyrus 102

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Papyrus 102
New Testament manuscript
Matthew 4:22-23 on Papyrus 102
Matthew 4:22-23 on Papyrus 102
NameP. Oxy. 4402
TextGospel of Matthew 4:11-12; 4:22-23
Date3rd century
FoundOxyrhynchus, Egypt
Now atSackler Library
CiteJ. David Thomas, OP LXIV (1997), pp. 4-5
Size[27] x [14] cm
TypeAlexandrian text-type

Papyrus 102 (in the Gregory-Aland numbering), designated by 102, is an early copy of the New Testament in Greek. It is a papyrus manuscript of the Gospel of Matthew. The surviving texts of Matthew are verses 4:11-12; 4:22-23, they are in a fragmentary condition. The manuscript palaeographically has been assigned to the 3rd century.[1]


The Greek text of the codex is a representative of the Alexandrian text-type.


The manuscript is currently housed at the Sackler Library (Papyrology Rooms, P. Oxy. 4402) at Oxford.[1]

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