Oxyrhynchus Papyri 159 through 207

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The Oxyrhynchus Papyri 159 through 207 are the 48 papyri published by Bernard Pyne Grenfell and Arthur Surridge Hunt in summary form at the end of the first volume of their monumental collection of documents recovered from Oxyrhynchus beginning in 1896. Many of these 48 were later examined and published in more detail, some by Grenfell and Hunt themselves, and some by other Egyptologists and scholars.

P. Oxy. I # Century Location Other #s Description[1] Lines[1]
159 3rd[2] Haskell Oriental Institute[2] SB XXII 15349[2] Order from Aurelius Theon to Chaerammon to pay Pausanias 2000 drachmae for pitch. 8
160 2nd[3] Haskell Oriental Institute[3] SB VIII 9903[3] Letter from Diogenes to his sister Heliodora, announcing his arrival at Memphis. 21
161 3rd or 4th[4] Haskell Oriental Institute[4] P. Oxy. VI 938[4] Letter from Demetrius to his father Heraclides, blaming him for not sending 12 baskets of fodder, and requesting their immediate dispatch. 8
162 6th or 7th[5] Haskell Oriental Institute[5] P. Oxy. VI 942[5] Letter from Timotheus to Petronius explaining the reasons for his delay at Nilopolis. 7
163 2nd[6] Haskell Oriental Institute[6] P. Oxy. VI 931[6] Letter from Theopompus to Sarapion, strategus of the upper division (ἄνω τόπων) of the Sebennyte nome, stating that he had sent an ounce of purple. 17
164 3rd[7] The British Museum[7] SB XXII 15350[7] Letter addressed to Apollonius, son of Zoilus, with reference to the termination of some dispute. 6
165 2 February 81[8] Cambridge University Library[8] SB XXII 15351[8] Letter from Taroutillius, the superintendent of allotments to the agoranomoi, announcing the cession of 20 arourae. Dated in the third year of the Emperor Titus Caesar Vespasianus 26
166 11 October 186[9] Bodleian Library[9] P. Oxy. III 501[9] Lease by Heraclides and Sarapion of a half share of 5 arourae held by them in common with a third person. The details resemble those of P. Oxy. 101. Dated in the 27th year of the Emperor Caesar Marcus Aurelius Commodus Antoninus Pius Felix Augustus Armeniacus Medicus Parthicus Sarmaticus Germanicus Maximus Britannicus (Commodus). 52
167 190-245[10] Bodleian Library[10] SB XXII 15352[10] Order to pay Heracles 1 14 artabae, 6 choenices of corn as a contribution for the twentieth year of an Emperor. 4
168 3rd[11] University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology[11] An order from Saras to Dionysius to pay Zosimus 2 artabae of wheat. 4
169 3rd[12] Vassar College Library[12] An order to the archephodos (ἀρχέφοδος) of the village of Isionpanga to send up Thatres, son of Ptollion, for trial. See also P. Oxy. 64 and P. Oxy. 65. 3
170 2nd[13] Houghton Library[13] Letter from Claudius Antoninus to the agoranomi, requesting them to register a sale which had taken place. 13
171 2nd (146-7)[14] Cambridge University Library[14] The recto side is a census return, addressed to the strategus and Basilikos Grammateus. Dated in the tenth year of Antoninus Pius. The verso side is a list of names. 20
172 3rd[15] Department of Classical Studies, University of Melbourne[15] Order to an archephodos (ἀρχέφοδος) to hand over Dionysius, son of Panechotes, to the officer. 4
173 174[16] The University of St. Andrews[16] Announcement of a death along with a request that the dead person be struck from the tax rolls. 26
174 88[17] The Milton S. Eisenhower Library[17] Letter from Plutarchus to the agoranomi announcing a cession of land in the kliros (κλήρος) of Philistion. 34
175 95[18] Bristol City Museum[18] A letter from Phanias and Diogenes to the agoranomi, announcing a cession of land. 20
176 99[19] Musées Royaux, Fondation Egyptologique Reine Elisabeth, Brussels[19] Part of a letter to the agoranomi, similar to the previous. 14
177 6th[20] The Bodleian Library[20] A letter asking for windlasses. 5
178 2nd[21] Hamilton College Library[21] A letter to the clerk of the agoranomion from Seras, acknowledging the receipt of a will, which he wished to revoke. 15
179 3rd[22] British Museum[22] SB XXII 15357[22] A letter asking that something previously agreed upon should be sent. Written in an upright uncial hand. 8
180 3rd[23] Houghton Library[23] SB X 10754[23] The recto side is a fragment of an account. The verso side contains an order to Stephanus, a banker, to pay 40 drachmae in addition to 20 already paid, to Zoilos, a sailor, as the freight charge on 600 artabae of wheat. 13 recto, 4 verso
181 3rd[24] University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology[24] SB XXII 15358[24] Invitation to a wedding feast. 5
182 4th[25] Bodleian Library[25] SB XXII 15359[25] Letter from Thonius to his wife and sister Thecla, referring to a payment of 20 talents. 18
183 257-263[26] Trinity College Library[26] The recto is a fragment of an official letter. The verso is an order to Heraclas, a banker, to pay Heracleus 200 drachmae for making bricks. 12 recto, 7 verso
184 2nd or 3rd[27] Trinity College Library[27] A letter from Agathodaemon, requesting the dispatch of 14 sheep in exchange for 260 drachmae. Agathodaemon blames the addressee for his conduct in a transaction involving the sale of some grass and a goat. 30
185 181[28] Glasgow University Library[28] A letter from Apollonius and Herminius to Herodes and the other managers of the public bank, authorizing them to receive the tax on the sale of a slave. 13
186 3rd[29] Bodleian Library[29] Accounts of payments to various people. 18
187 150[30] Department of Classical Studies, University of Melbourne[30] SB XX 15180[30] A letter from Irene to Parammon containing a list of items which he was to bring. Written in the same hand as Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 115 and Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 116. 12
188 117-138[31] Bodleian Library[31] SB XVI 13058[31] Letter from Heraclides to his father Horion about the purchase of a slave and a pair of Italian lamps. Written in a semi-uncial hand. 14
189 3rd[32] The British Museum[32] SB XXII 15361[32] An order from Theonilla to Horion, a steward, to pay Silvanus some wine on condition of his paying what he owed. 10
190 6th or 7th[33] Cambridge University Library[33] P. Oxy. VII 1053 recto[33] The recto side contains an account. The verso contains an account of receipts from inhabitants of several villages. 11 recto, 19 verso
191 6th[34] Musées Royaux, Fondation Egyptologique Reine Elisabeth, Brussels[34] P. Oxy. VI 998[34] A list of reductions of payments granted to the inhabitants of various villages. 24
192 614-615[35] Cambridge University Library[35] SB XXII 15362[35] An acknowledgement addressed by Aurelius Apasion to Flavius Apion or his heirs of the loan of one solidus. 21
193 11 October 582[36] The British Museum[36] P.Lond. III 774[36] An acknowledgement addressed to the heirs of Flavius Apion by Aurelius John, of the receipt of two large windlasses. 18
194 6th[37] University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology[37] An acknowledgement addressed to Flavius Apion or his heirs by Aurelius Ptollion of the loan of one solidus. 26
195 12 September 567[38] The British Museum[38] P.Lond. III 775[38] An acknowledgement from Aurelius Epimachus to Flavius Apion of the receipt of some kind of machine for irrigation. 15
196 7th[39] University Library of Graz[39] P. Oxy. VI 999[39] An account of receipts and expenditures on estates belonging to Flavius Apion. 22
197 13 September 552[40] The British Museum[40] P.Lond. III 776[40] An acknowledgement from Aurelius Sourus to Flavius Apion of the receipt of two windlasses and another item. 24
198 11 October 582[41] The British Museum[41] P.Lond. III 777[41] A contract between the heirs of Flavius Apion and Aurelius Macarius. 14
199 28 July 568[42] The British Museum[42] P.Lond. III 778[42] An agreement between Flavius Apion and Georgius, a deacon. They agreed that Georgius would become surety that Aurelius Onnophris would remain on his holding. 19
200 6th[43] Houghton Library[43] SB XII 10944[43] An agreement, similar to the previous one, addressed to Flavius Apion or his heirs stating that Jeremias, Apoll[onius?], and a third person, would be sureties that Aurelius Apasirius would remain on his holding. 15
201 27 September 593[44] The British Museum[44] SB XXII 15363[44] The beginning of a contract addressed to Flavius Apion (the younger). 6
202 8 October 582[45] Cambridge University Library[45] SB XXII 15364[45] An acknowledgement addressed to the heirs of Flavius Apion by Aurelius Bartholomaeus, of the receipt of one windlass. 23
203 6th or 7th[46] Harold Cohen Library[46] P. Oxy. VIII 1164[46] A letter about a dispute concerning the ownership of a camel. 15
204 7th[47] Edinburgh University Library[47] SB XXII 15365[47] List in two columns. 27
205 18 February 535[48] The British Museum[48] SB XXII 15366[48] A receipt from the banker Philoxenus for a payment made by Pamouthius of money taxes. 11
206 17 January 535[49] Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library[49] SB XXII 15367[49] A receipt for a loan made by Pamouthius to John. 6
207 27 October 590[50] The British Museum[50] SB XXII 15368[50] A receipt for the payment of four knidia (κνίδια) of wine from Phoebammon to Alexander for nine days' work. 3

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