Uncial 069

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Uncial 069
New Testament manuscript
Name P. Oxy. 3
Text Mark
Date 5th century
Script Greek
Now at University of Chicago
Size 8 × 4,5 cm
Type Byzantine text-type
Category III
Note concurs with codex A

Uncial 069 (in the Gregory-Aland numbering), ε 12 (Soden),[1] is a Greek uncial manuscript of the New Testament, dated paleographically to the 5th century.


The codex contains very small part of the Gospel of Mark 10:50.51; 11:11.12, on one parchment leaf (8 cm by 4,5 cm). The text is written in one column per page, 25 lines per page,[2] 11-15 letters in line,[3] in a calligraphic uncial hand.[4] The letters A and M are not typical Egyptian.[3]

The nomina sacra are written in an abbreviated way.


The Greek text of the codex is a representative of the Byzantine text-type. Aland placed it in Category III.[2] It concurs with Codex Alexandrinus, and the parts preserved support the Textus Receptus reading at all nine points of variation from other early uncials.[4] It could be a member of the Family Π. The text is too brief for certainty.

[αυτου α]ΝΑΣΤΑΣΗΛ
ΚΑΙ[περι βλεψαμε]
ΝΟΣΠΑΝ[τα οψι]


Currently the manuscript is dated by the INTF to the 5th century.[5]

The manuscript was discovered by the Egyptologist Bernard Grenfell (1869-1926) and the Papyrologist Arthur Hunt (1871-1934). It was presented to the University of Chicago in the early 20th century.

Present location

The codex now is located at the Oriental Institute (2057) in University of Chicago.[2][5]

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