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Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 85 (P. Oxy. 85) is part of a series of declarations by various guilds of workmen, written in Greek. The manuscript was written on papyrus in the form of a sheet. It was discovered in Oxyrhynchus. The document was written on 26 November 338. Currently it is housed in the Department of Manuscripts of the British Museum (760) in London.[1]


The letter contains a series of declarations (six of them preserved), addressed to Flavius Eusebius, a logistes of the Oxyrhynchite nome (the same one as in P. Oxy. 86). The guilds state the value of their goods left in stock at the end of a month. Guilds represented are coppersmiths, beer sellers, bakers, oil sellers, and bee-keepers. The declaration from the coppersmiths was written by Aurelius Thonis. The measurements of the fragment are 238 by 220 mm.[2]

Papyri P.Oxy. LIV 3772 and SB XVI 12648 are similar to this one.[1]

It was discovered by Grenfell and Hunt in 1897 in Oxyrhynchus. The text was published by Grenfell and Hunt in 1898.[2] It was also examined by Joachim Hengstl (1985).

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 This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domainB. P. Grenfell; A. S. Hunt (1898). Oxyrhynchus Papyri I. London: Egypt Exploration Fund.