Pará River

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For the river in Minas Gerais, see Pará River (Minas Gerais); for the river in Russia, see Para River (Russia); for rivers in Australia, see Little Para River, North Para River, and South Para River
View of the Para River in Brazil.

The Pará River (Portuguese: Rio Pará) is the southern arm of the mouth of the Amazon River. It runs for approximately 40 miles, around the west and south of the island of Marajó. It takes some water from the main Amazon; however, much of its power comes from the Tocantins River flowing from the south. Belém, the state capital of Pará, is located on the south bank of the river.

Coordinates: 1°43′43″S 49°10′34″W / 1.72871°S 49.1762°W / -1.72871; -49.1762