Parângu Mare

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Parângu Mare
Highest point
Elevation2,519 m (8,264 ft) [1]
Prominence2,103 m (6,900 ft) [1]
Coordinates45°20′28″N 23°32′26″E / 45.34111°N 23.54056°E / 45.34111; 23.54056Coordinates: 45°20′28″N 23°32′26″E / 45.34111°N 23.54056°E / 45.34111; 23.54056[1]
Parângu Mare is located in Romania
Parângu Mare
Parângu Mare
LocationGorj CountyHunedoara County, Romania
Parent rangeParâng Mountains, Southern Carpathians

Parângu Mare (Romanian pronunciation: [paˈrɨŋ̩ɡu ˈmare], "Big Parângu") is a mountain peak in Romania. At 2,519 metres above sea level, it is the highest peak of the Parâng Mountains, located in the Parâng Mountains group of the Southern Carpathians.[2] It is situated on the border of the Romanian counties of Gorj and Hunedoara. It is the most prominent peak in Romania (2,103 m), its parent mountain being Gerlach (2,655 m) in Slovakia.


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