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Origin Italy
Genres Electropunk, house, big beat
Years active 2001
Members Sergio Casu, Andrea Pareo

Par-T-One is an Italian electronic music group led by Sergio Casu aka Sergione and Andrea Pareo. They have also been sought after as remixers and House DJs. According to the press, Sergione was a sergeant in the Italian army before he became a House DJ.

They released only one single, I'm So Crazy, based on Just Keep Walking by INXS with background (female) vocals copying those from Like an Eagle by Dennis Parker (aka Wade Nichols). The song reached #19 in the UK top 40[citation needed], and the video (directed by Sam Brown and Paul Gore, who have had later success by directing videos for James Blunt and The Bravery) won and was nominated for various awards in the short film category and best promo video.



  • La La Land (Par-t-one rombo di tuono remix) -Green Velvet
  • I Want You Back (Par-t-one remix) -X-Press 2
  • Bring It On (par-t-one remix and par-t-one dub) -Playgroup
  • Call Me (par-t-one Remix) -Dino
  • Doo Uap, Doo Uap, Doo Uap (3rd Face Afternoon Remix) -Gabin
  • I Can't Say What I Am (Par-T-one Remix) -Margot
  • Oh Superman (Par-t-one Remix) -Silverspin
  • We've Got The Time (Par-T-One Remix) -Jupiter Age
  • Challenge Destiny (par-t-one Remix) -Rollerblade
  • Who Said (par-t-one remix) -Planet Funk


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