Para District

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Para District
Resorts in Para
Resorts in Para
Map of Suriname showing Para district
Map of Suriname showing Para district
Coordinates: 5°26′N 55°13′W / 5.433°N 55.217°W / 5.433; -55.217Coordinates: 5°26′N 55°13′W / 5.433°N 55.217°W / 5.433; -55.217
 • Total5,393 km2 (2,082 sq mi)
(2012 census)
 • Total24,700
 • Density4.6/km2 (12/sq mi)
ISO 3166 codeSR-PR

Para is a district of northern Suriname. Para's capital city is Onverwacht, with other towns including Paranam, Sabana and Zanderij.

Para has a population of 24,700 and an area of 5,393 km².[1]

The district is the mining and forestry centre of Suriname, with many large bauxite mining operations operating.[citation needed]

The ruins of the city of Jodensavanne are in Para district. Jews fleeing the Spanish Inquisition established Jodensavanne in the 17th century, but it was destroyed in 1832 by a fire. Jodensavanne was an internment camp for suspected Nazi supporters in Suriname during the Second World War.[citation needed]

Para is also home to a spring that supposedly has medicinal properties.[citation needed]


Arowak woman

Para is divided into 5 resorts (ressorten):


  • Bigi Poika (Carib Indian)
  • Carolina (Creole)
  • Powakka (Arowak Indian)


In the 2004 census, Para had 18,749 inhabitants. This rose in the 2012 census to 24,700 inhabitants, a 31.1% increase.


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