Parachute (iPod game)

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Developer(s)Apple Inc.

Parachute is an iPod game released by Apple Inc. for various iPod models. The game is installed in the firmware. It is very similar to the Apple II game Sabotage.


The objective of the game is to get as many points as possible before enemies destroy the player's turret, which happens when a paratrooper lands on top of the turret or after five paratroopers land successfully. The user aims their turret with the scroll wheel and shoots with the middle "select" button. Destroying a helicopter will release debris that can destroy other helicopters or paratroopers. Shooting a paratroopers will not release anything that can harm other enemies, however, shooting the parachute will cause the paratrooper to fall and kill any paratroopers directly below.[1]

One point is deducted for every shot taken. Destroying a target in any way (by firing, with debris from helicopters, etc.) awards two points. Thus performing multiple hits with a single shot exploiting the debris is the main technique to reach high scores; for example shooting at a single helicopter and also destroying with the debris another helicopter and a parachute will result in 2+2+2-1=5 points, instead of the 3 points that would be scored by killing each of the 3 items with a 'dedicated' shot. Sometime during game play paratroopers stop appearing and falling, letting the player fire at the helicopters with no further risks of being destroyed, and easily reach the maximum score of 1000 points; no known exploits had been found to generate this scenario consistently.

When the player loses, debris falls on the turret, causing it to explode. The player may then press the "select" button again, initiating a new game.