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Parachute School of Toronto[1] (often abbreviated as PST) is a Canadian Sport Parachuting Association affiliated[2] parachuting centre and skydiving drop zone located 0.3 NM (0.56 km; 0.35 mi) east of Baldwin, Ontario, Canada. It runs out of Baldwin Airport.[3]

General information[edit]

The drop zone operates one piston-powered aircraft (a Cessna 206) and seasonally leases (May through October) one Turbine engine aircraft. For the 2010 season the Turbine engine available is a Shorts Skyvan holding a maximum of 21 jumpers. The centre provides student training in the Static line[4] progression system and tandem skydiving.[5] All of the rigs used for student operation contain Automatic activation devices. There are packers, indoor carpeted packing area, rental rigs, diner and an in-house Parachute rigger available. This dropzone operates year-round primarily on weekends and holidays.[6]

Notable events[edit]

In 2008, Parachute School of Toronto was the host of the Ontario Provincial Skydiving Championships.[7] This event had not been held in 15 years and was revived by members of PST. PST once again hosted this event in September 2009.[8]

In August 2009 PST is organizing a national reunion to bring together skydivers from across the country who were instrumental in the development of the sport in Canada. The reunion will also facilitate a Canadian POPs ("Parachutists Over Phorty"[9]) record attempt.[10]

Online Presence[edit]

Parachute School of Toronto also has an interactive online presence via both Facebook,[11] Twitter[12] and public forums.[13] Online user reviews of the dropzone have been very favourable.[14]

Deaths and Notable Incidents[edit]

The centre is notable for having three major accidents resulting in death since June 2013.

In May 2014, a 29-year-old woman was killed after a problem with her parachute. A 42-year-old man died after an incident in July 2013. On July 6. 2014, a man died after attempting a swoop landing.


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