Parachute Tower Katowice

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Parachute Tower in Katowice

Parachute Tower Katowice (Polish: Wieża spadochronowa w Katowicach) is a 50 metre tall lattice parachute tower built in 1937 for training parachute jumps. It was used in the first days of World War II by the 73rd infantry regiment as an observation tower.

The parachute Tower in Katowice is the only existing parachute tower in Poland.

It is known for a legend that during the first days of the German invasion of Poland Polish Boy and Girl Scouts shot German troops from it; that story has however been recently[when?] put into question and is now considered controversial.[citation needed]

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Coordinates: 50°14′46.28″N 19°0′26.1″E / 50.2461889°N 19.007250°E / 50.2461889; 19.007250