Parade (Minori Chihara album)

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Chihara Minori Parade.jpg
Studio album by Minori Chihara
Released November 26, 2008 (Japan)
Genre Symphonic pop, Anisong
Length 69:17
Label Lantis
Minori Chihara chronology
Message 01
Sing All Love
Singles from Parade
  1. "Melty tale storage"
  2. "Ameagari no Hana yo Sake"
  3. "Paradise Lost"

Parade is Minori Chihara's third solo album. The album contains all three CD singles released in the same year: Melty tale storage, Ameagari no Hana yo Sake, and a modified version of Paradise Lost. Its release promotion featured a "Dream Limited Edition" including an alternate album cover and a photo picturebook. Bonus items such as B2 posters and polaroid prints were also included upon purchase of the album at specific chain stores included in the promotion.[1] Parade placed 16th on the Oricon charts after its debut.[2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Toumei Park Nite" (透明パークにて?, lit. "At the Translucent Park")
  2. "Voyager train"
  3. "Prism in the name of hope"
  4. "Fairy Tune"
  5. "Lush march!!"
  6. "Sono Toki Boku wa Kamikazari wo Kau" (その時僕は髪飾りを買う?, lit. "At That Time, I'll Buy Hair Ornaments")
  7. "Melty tale storage"
  8. "Aoi Kotou" (蒼い孤島?, lit. "Solitary Blue Island")
  9. "Hikari" (?, lit. "Light")
  10. "Paradise Lost -at next nest-"
  12. "Ameagari no Hana yo Sake" (雨上がりの花よ咲け?, lit. "Let the Flower Bloom After the Rain")
  13. "Hanataba" (花束?, lit. "Bouquet")
  14. "everlasting..."