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Paradigm Concepts, Inc.
Role-playing game publisher
Industry Role-playing games

Paradigm Concepts, Inc. is a small-press game publishing company located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They published the award-winning Arcanis campaign setting and managed the Living Arcanis campaign independent of the RPGA. Previously Arcanis operated as a d20 system campaign setting using the rules of Dungeons and Dragons. Arcanis is now featured in Arcanis the Roleplaying Game, being released summer 2011 and the Legends of Arcanis campaign - inheritor of the Living Arcanis history. They also publish the self-developed Witch Hunter: The Invisible World game-line. The company was founded by Henry Lopez, Nelson Rodriguez, and Eric Wiener in 2000.

Paradigm Concepts Inc. also produces Spycraft, d20 System, Legend of the Five Rings and True 20 books under license.

The company won the 2005 ENnie award for Fans' Choice Best Publisher.

Paradigm Concepts is known for an active and very successful Origins Game Fair performance and manages the Gathering, the primary Origins Game Fair organized role playing game event.

RPG Game Settings[edit]


  • Races of Legend
    • Eldest Sons: the Essential Guide to Elves, 128 page rulebook
    • Lords of the Peaks: the Essential Guide to Giants, 96 page rulebook
    • Unveiled Masters: the Essential Guide to Mind Flayers, 112 page rulebook
    • Slaves to the Moon: the Essential Guide to Lycanthropes, 112 page rulebook
  • SpellDecks
    • Blessings of the Divine: 360 Cleric and Paladin Spell Cards
    • Mysteries of the Arcane: 360 Sorcerer and Wizard Spell Cards
    • Songs of the Wild: 360 Bard, Druid, and Ranger Spell Cards
  • Spycraft
    • Most Wanted: 80 page villain supplement
    • Combat Missions: 96 page adventure supplement
    • Conspiracies: 80 page sourcebook
  • Legend of the Five Rings RPG
    • Bloodspeakers: 96 page sourcebook and adventure
  • True 20
    • Tales of the Caliphate Nights: 256 page historical-based fantasy setting
  • Arcanis: the World of Shattered Empires
    • Spear of the Loghin: 32 page adventure
    • Blood Reign of Nishanpur: 32 page adventure
    • Bloody Sands of Sicaris: 32 page adventure
    • Carnival of Swords: 80 page adventure
    • In the Shadow of the Devil: 80 page adventure
    • City of Secrets: 80 page adventure
    • Year of Ill Harvest: 128 page adventure
    • Year of the Fall: 160 page adventure
    • Hand of the Master: 20 page adventure
    • Unpaid Debts: 19 page adventure
    • Shadows of a Forsaken Past: 300 page adventure campaign
    • Arcanis Character Folio: 16 page character record
    • Codex Arcanis: 192 page campaign setting sourcebook
    • Codex Arcanis, Hardbound: 256 page campaign setting sourcebook
    • Player's Guide to Arcanis: 320 page rulebook
    • Player's Guide to Arcanis, Soft Cover: 384 page rulebook
    • Holy Champions I: Order of the Philosophic Warrior: 6 page class sourcebook
    • Holy Champions II: Bearers of Woe: 6 page class sourcebook
    • Forged in Magic: 128 page magic item supplement
    • Forged in Magic: Revised and Expanded: 160 page magic item supplement
    • Magic of Arcanis: 224 page rulebook
    • Magic of Arcanis, softbound: 224 page rulebook
    • Theocracy of Canceri: 128 page setting supplement
    • Ssethregore: in the Coils of the Serpent Empire: 160 page setting supplement
    • Legacy of Damnation: 128 page setting supplement
    • Psionics Unbound: 256 page rules supplement
    • For Lesser Gods: 41 page adventure
    • Lord of the Pack: 128 page adventure
  • Arcanis: the Roleplaying Game (Arcanis)
    • Quick Launch: 208 page Beta Core Rulebook - discontinued
    • Shattered Empires Action Dial: Accessory
    • Temple of Crimson Shadows: 32 page Adventure (forthcoming)
    • Arcanis: the Roleplaying Game: 448 page Core Rulebook
    • Forged in Magic: 32 page Magic Item Book
    • Arcanis Bestiary: 48 page Monster Sourcebook
    • Chronicler's Codex: Game Master's Guide / Adversary Book (forthcoming)
    • Hero's Codex: 192 page Player's Guide
    • Treasures of the Ages: Forged in Magic vol. II: 64 page Magic Item Book
    • Arcanis Bestiary vol. II: 64 page Monster Sourcebook (forthcoming)
    • Magic Codex: Player's Guide (TBD)
    • Cadle of Empires: the Blessed Lands: Campaign Setting Guide (summer 2014)
    • Order of the Phoenix: 16 page Electronic Player's Guide
    • So Shall Ye Reap: Year One Remasted, Episode I: 16 page Electronic Format Adventure
  • Arcanis 'Cert Shirts'
    • "Stupidity Leads to Character Creation"
    • "Can't Crit This"
    • "Not Dead Yet"
    • "Stupidity Leads to Character Creation #2"
    • "This Time for Sure"
    • "Carpe Diem"
    • "Your Fate is in Your Hands"
    • "Heroes are Lucky"
  • Witch Hunter: the Invisible World
    • Witch Hunter: the Invisible World: 274 page core rule book
    • The Grand Tome of Adversaries: 224 page monster supplement
    • A Child's Game: 64 page adventure
    • Witch Hunter Character Journal: 16 page character sheet
    • Gates of Flame: 48 page adventure
    • Tide of Darkness: 32 page adventure
    • On Silver Wings: 32 page adventure
    • The Orders of Solomon: 128 page player's guide
    • The Blessed and the Damned: 128 page player's guide
    • The Aztec Empire: 128 page setting source book
  • Witch Hunter: the Invisible World, Second Edition
    • Witch Hunter: the Invisible World, Second Edition: 256 page core rule book (March 2014)
    • Cities of Mystery: 128 page setting source book (summer 2014)
    • Rites & Relics: 128 page magic book (forthcoming)
    • Legion Cycle: 96 page adventure (forthcoming)
  • Strange Aeons of Cthulhu
    • Strange Aeons of Cthulhu, core rule book (forthcoming)
    • The Shadow of Azazoth (forthcoming)
  • Rotted Capes
    • Rotted Capes, core rulebook


  • 2001 ENnie Awards[1]
    • Nominee: Best Adventure, "The Bloody Sands of Sicaris"
    • Nominee: Best Setting, "Shattered Empires"
    • Nominee: Best Writer, Scott Charlton, "The Bloody Sands of Sicaris"
  • 2002 Origins Awards[2]
    • Semi-Finalist: Best Adventure, "Spear of the Lohgin"
  • 2003 Pen and Paper Fan Awards
    • Runner-Up: Best Interior Art: "Bloodspeakers"
    • Runner-Up: Best Supplement: "Unveleiled Masters: the Essential Guide to Mindflayers"
    • Runner-Up: Best Cover Art: "Unveiled Masters: the Essential Guide to Mindflayers"
  • 2003 Weird GameWyrd Game Awards
    • Nominee: The RPG or Supplement Most Likely to Amuse Evil GMs: "Most Wanted"
  • 2005 ENnie Awards[1]
    • Winner: Fans' Choice Best Publisher
  • 2006 ENnie Awards
    • Nominee: Fans' Choice Best Publisher
  • 2006 Origins Awards
    • Nominee: Best New Product, "Tales of the Caliphate Nights"
  • 2007 ENnie Awards
    • Nominee: Fans' Choice Best Publisher
    • Nominee: Best Production Values, "Tales of the Caliphate Nights"
    • Honorable Mention: Best Product, "Tales of the Caliphate Nights"
  • 2007 Origins Awards
    • Semi-Finalist: Best Role Playing Game, "Witch Hunter: the Invisible World"
    • Winner: Best Role Playing Supplement, "Codex Arcanis"
  • 2008 ENnie Awards
    • Nominee: Fans' Choice Best Publisher
    • Nominee: Best Product, "Witch Hunter: the Invisible World"
    • Nominee: Best OGL/D20 Product, "Codex Arcanis"
    • Nominee: Best Game, "Witch Hunter: the Invisible World"
    • Nominee: Best Supplement, "Codex Arcanis"
    • Nominee: Best Rules, "Witch Hunter: the Invisible World"
  • 2009 Origins Awards
    • Semi-Finalist: Best Role Playing Supplement, "Grand Tome of Adversaries"
    • Nominee: Game Accessories, "Living Arcanis Cert Shirt"
  • 2009 ENnie Awards
    • Nominee: Best Monster or Adversary Product, "The Grand Tome of Adversaries"
    • Nominee: Fan's Choice Best Publisher
  • 2012 Origins Awards
    • Winner: Best Roleplaying Game, "Arcanis: the Roleplaying Game"


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