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Paragon Software
Industry Computer and video games
Founded 1987
Defunct 1992
Headquarters Greensburg, Pennsylvania, United States
Key people
Mark E. Seremet
Antony Davies

Paragon Software Corporation or just Paragon Software was a video games developer that was founded in 1985 by Mark E. Seremet[1] and Antony Davies.[2] Paragon released its first game in 1987 and is primarily known for their work on role-playing video games based on Marvel Comics franchises and GDW role-playing settings.[3] They released titles on the following platforms; ZX Spectrum, Amiga, PC:DOS, Atari ST and Commodore 64. Paragon Software was published through MicroProse, and was based out of Greensburg, Pennsylvania, United States. MicroProse acquired Paragon outright in July, 1992. As part of MicroProse, the Paragon team developed Challenge of the Five Realms and BloodNet. Soon after, many of the former Paragon principals moved on to co-found or work for Take-Two Interactive, and what was once Paragon ceased to exist.

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