Paragraph 78

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Paragraph 78
Paragraph 78 poster.jpg
Film poster
Directed byMikhail Khleborodov
Produced byYusup Bahshiev
Written byMikhail Khleborodov (screenplay)
Ivan Okhlobystin (novel)
StarringGosha Kutsenko
Vladimir Vdovichenko
Anastasia Slanevskaya
Music byTobias Enhus
CinematographySergey Kozlov
Distributed byMB Productions
Central Partnership
Release date
Part I:
  • February 22, 2007 (2007-02-22)
Part II:
  • March 29, 2007 (2007-03-29)
Running time
125 minutes (part I)
90 minutes (part II)

Paragraph 78 (Russian: Параграф 78; also stylized as: § 78) is a Russian film by Mikhail Khleborodov released in 2007. The film was split into two parts Paragraph 78, Punkt 1 released February 22, 2007 and Paragraph 78, Punkt 2 released March 29, 2007. The screenplay was based on a 1995 story by Ivan Okhlobystin. Andrey Lazarchuk, Russian writer of the modern turborealism literature style, wrote a novel based on this film (February 2007).


Future: soft drugs are legalized, Bowling is Olympic sport and countries such as the Asian Union and the United Pan-American States have appeared. An assault group under the command of Gudvin (Gosha Kutsenko) breaks apart because of his conflict with Skif (Vladimir Vdovichenkov).

Five years later Lisa (Anastasiya Slanevskaya) has left Skif and is married to Gudvin. Russia, the Asian Union and The United Pan-American States have signed a disarmament treaty, but keep a close watch one another.

A state of emergency is declared at one of Russia's secret and, per international treaties, prohibited laboratories on an island in the Arctic Ocean, causing an emergency beacon to begin broadcasting, creating the risk of discovery by the other nations. To prevent this from happening Gudvin assembles his former group. By that time Spam (Anatoli Belyj) is jailed, Luba (Stanislav Duzhnikov) works in that same prison as a warden, Festival (Grigori Siyatvinda) is engaged in commerce of banned drugs (lysergic acid), Pai (Azis Beyshinaliev) works in a casino, and Skif ruins himself with drink.

Together they depart to that island to penetrate the base and stop the emergency beacon.



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