Paraguayan Humanist Party

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The Paraguayan Humanist Party (Spanish: Partido Humanista Paraguayo, PHP) is a political party in Paraguay.


The party was established in 1985, but was not legalised until the overthrow of the Stroessner regime in 1989. In the elections that year it received just 0.1% of the national vote and failed to win a seat.[1] In the 1991 Constitutional Assembly elections its vote share rose to 0.5%, but it again failed to win a seat. For the 1993 elections the party ran in an alliance with the Christian Democratic Party named the Social Democratic Coalition, but remained seatless. It did not contest the 1998 elections, but entered a candidate (Ricardo Buman) in the vice presidential election in 2000. Buman finished third out of three candidates with just 1.5% of the vote.[2] In the 2003 general elections the party won 0.2% of the vote in the Congressional elections, remaining seatless.


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