Parakrama Pandyan II

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Parakrama Pandyan II
King of Polonnaruwa
Reign 1212–1215
Predecessor Lilavati
Successor Kalinga Magha
House Pandyan Dynasty

Parakrama Pandyan II, also Parakrama Pandya of Polonnaruwa and Parakrama Pandu was a Pandyan king who invaded the Kingdom of Polonnaruwa in the thirteenth century and ruled from 1212 to 1215 CE. His namesake royal Parakrama Pandyan I ruled in Madurai fifty years earlier and had sought help from his contemporary Parakramabahu I of Polonnaruwa when faced with a Pandyan civil war. Parakrama Pandyan II came to the throne deposing Lilavati - ruling monarch, consort and successor of Parakramabahu I - as king of Polonnaruwa. He ruled for three years until Polonnaruwa was invaded and he was taken captive by Kalinga Magha, who succeeded him.

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Parakrama Pandyan II
Born: ? ? Died: ? ?
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Polonnaruwa
Succeeded by
Kalinga Magha