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Paralympic powerlifting is an adaptation of the sport of powerlifting for athletes with disabilities. The only discipline in Paralympic powerlifting is the bench press.

The sport is governed by the International Paralympic Committee and is open to anyone with a minimum level of disability who can extend their arms within 20° of full extension during a lift. Powerlifting has been competed at the Summer Paralympics since 1984.[1]

World records[edit]

World records in Paralympic powerlifting are ratified by the International Paralympic Committee.


Weight class Name Country Result Venue Date
-49kg Yakubu Adesokan  Nigeria 181kg Dubai 2014-04-05
-54kg Sherif Othman  Egypt 205kg Dubai 2014-04-06
-59kg Ali Jawad  United Kingdom 194kg Glasgow 2014-08-02
-65kg Rasool Mohsin  Iraq 217kg Incheon 2014-10-21
-72kg Roohallah Rostami  Iran 220kg Kuala Lumpur 2013-11-05
-80kg Xiao Fei Gu  China 236kg Dubai 2014-04-08
-88kg Jafari Arangeh, Amir  Iran 229.5kg Incheon 2014-10-22
-97kg Mohamed Eldib  Egypt 240kg Dubai 2013-02-26
-107kg Pavlos Mamalos  Greece 240kg Dubai 2014-04-11
+107kg Siamand Rahman  Iran 292kg Incheon 2014-10-24


Weight class Name Country Result Venue Date
-41kg Nazmiye Muslu  Turkey 103kg Dubai 2014-04-05
-45kg Hu, Dandan  China 99kg Incheon 2014-10-19
-50kg Oleysa Lafina  Russia 126kg Dubai 2014-04-07
-55kg Esther Oyema  Nigeria 125kg Dubai 2014-04-08
-61kg Fatma Omar  Egypt 135.5kg Dubai 2014-04-08
-67kg Yujiao Tan  China 137kg Incheon 2014-10-21
-73kg Souhad Ghazouani  France 150kg Alexin 2013-05-25
-79kg Tzu-Hui Lin  Chinese Taipei 129kg Dubai 2014-04-09
-86kg Obiji, Loveline  Nigeria 144kg Glasgow 2014-08-02
+86kg Precious Orji  Nigeria 151kg Dubai 2014-04-11


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