Paraná Miní River

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Paraná Miní River
Country Argentina

The Paraná Miní River English: Río Paraná Miní[1]) is an anabranch, or "secondary branch",[2] and tributary of the Paraná River. It is located in the provinces of Santa Fe and Chaco, Argentina. In Chaco Province the Paraná Miní receives several relatively small tributaries, including the Tapenagá River, Palometa River, and Salado River (one of many Paraná tributaries named Salado).

There are several branches of the Paraná River named Paraná Miní, notably one in Corrientes Province.[3]

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Coordinates: 29°5′9″S 59°24′21″W / 29.08583°S 59.40583°W / -29.08583; -59.40583[4]


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