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Paranam is located in Suriname
Location within Suriname
Coordinates: 5°36′N 55°5′W / 5.600°N 55.083°W / 5.600; -55.083Coordinates: 5°36′N 55°5′W / 5.600°N 55.083°W / 5.600; -55.083
Country  Suriname
District Para District
Time zone ART (UTC-3)

Paranam is a town in the Para District, Suriname.

The town was created in 1938 when Alcoa began building a plant to support new mining areas along the Suriname River. Built on a former plantation, the facility was called Paranam after the Para and Suriname Rivers which border the mining concession areas. The Paranam mine began operations in 1941. Today Alcoa operates worldwide through a joint venture called AWAC. AWAC's operation in Surinam is called The Suriname Aluminum Company, L.L.C.[1]

As well as a mine, there is a smelter at this location. The smelter converts bauxite to produce approximately 3,150 metric tons of alumina each day at this location.[2][3]

Due to the deep water available on the Suriname River, Paranam is a port accessible to oceangoing ships. A pilot is required.[4]


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