Paranormal fiction

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Paranormal fiction is the genre of fiction whose story lines revolve around the paranormal.

Sub genres[edit]


  • The X-Files, a suspense drama television series in which characters investigate various paranormal phenomena.
  • So Weird, a Disney adventure drama television show about an unorthodox American family and its experiences with paranormal phenomena, starring Mackenzie Phillips, Cara DeLizia and Alexz Johnson.
  • Supernatural, a television drama in which two brothers battle paranormal forces.
  • Ghost Whisperer
  • The River (U.S. TV series), a new television drama in which characters searching for a missing person in the Amazon find a paranormal being threatening their lives.
  • Stranger Things, a Netflix tv series about a little boy's disappearance and a peculiar little girl's reappearance. The little boy's friends, family, and the local sheriff all try to figure out what is going on, as they race against time and government officials who are trying to stop them.