Parappanangadi railway station

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Parappanangadi Railway Station
Indian Railway Station
Parappanangadi Railway Station.jpg
Location Parappanangadi, Kerala, India
Coordinates 11°02′46″N 75°51′40″E / 11.046°N 75.861°E / 11.046; 75.861Coordinates: 11°02′46″N 75°51′40″E / 11.046°N 75.861°E / 11.046; 75.861
Owned by Indian Railways
Other information
Station code PGI
Fare zone Southern Railway
Electrified yes

Parappanangadi Railway Station is at the heart of the Parappanangadi town in Kerala, India, located 26 km away from Malappuram. It is one of the oldest railway stations in Kerala. This railway station was a part of first rail route (Tirur-Beypore) in Kerala. The station code for parappanangadi set by Indian Railway is PGI which can be used for various purposes including online reservation.


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