Parashuram (film)

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Parashuram poster.jpg
Film poster
Directed by V. Somashekhar
Produced by Parvathamma Rajkumar
Written by T.N. Narasimhan
Screenplay by T.N. Narasimhan
Starring Rajkumar
Vani Viswanath
Puneeth Rajkumar
Thoogudeepa Srinivas
C.R. Simha
Music by Hamsalekha
Cinematography H.G. Raju
Edited by P. Bhaktavatsalam
Abhiman Studio
Kanteerava Studios
Release date
Country  India
Language Kannada

Parashuram is a 1989 Kannada film, starring Dr Rajkumar. This was V. Somashekhar's last movie with Rajkumar, who incidentally started his directing career with Rajkumar's Bangaarada Panjara.

Plot summary[edit]

Major Parashuram (Rajkumar) is an ex-army man running a private security agency. He is a happy-go-lucky kind person married happily to Usha (Vani Viswanath), and leads a happy life with his son. He deals with a case where a heroine is abducted and the film producer seeks Parashuram's help. He befriends Appu (Puneeth Rajkumar), who is a slum-dweller.

Parashuram comes across organized crime, headed by MD, who is supported by Purohit, Kulkarni and Nayak. MD is powerful enough to placate governments. MD runs short of money to fund the election campaign and gets his mafia network to double the monthly roll-call. It is then, Parashuram gives a good beating to MD's hooligans. MD is impressed with Parashuram, that someone at last is able to give him a fight. He invites Parashuram and expresses his wish that Parashuram work for him. Parashuram outright rejects it and walks away. MD threatens to punish him and hatches a plan to destroy Parashuram.

On Parashuram's son's birthday, MD gets Parashuram's son kidnapped. After all efforts to trace the child are done with, Parashuram guesses it must be MD who has abducted his son. He calls up MD and shouts to get him his son back. Just then a box arrives for Parashuram, which contains his son's right hand. When Parashuram speaks back to MD, MD asks Usha to collect her son's body near their house gate.

When the child is rushed to hospital, MD succeeds in getting the child killed. Parashuram is suffering under intense grief, when the attending nurse says he has a phone-call. MD cajoles him and says Parashuram would lose his mental balance and says he has lost his wife too. Parashuram finds his wife is being dragged away and MD's henchmen throw her from the hospital roof. Usha dies immediately, leaving Parashuram alone. Parashuram, with the help of a press reporter and Appu, rips MD's team apart and succeeds in killing MD.


Box office reception[edit]

The movie was a big success, owing to its gripping storyline and action sequences.