Parasite (Heroes)

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Heroes episode
Heroes s01e18.jpg
Hiro and Ando view a devastating future.
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 18
Directed by Kevin Bray
Written by Christopher Zatta
Production code 118
Original air date March 4, 2007
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"Company Man"
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"Parasite" is the eighteenth episode of the first season of the NBC science fiction drama series Heroes. It was unique in that, in some markets, the introductory phrase "Previously on Heroes" was written in Japanese and spoken by Hiro, unlike the English that had always preceded it. It was originally announced as "Like Any Parasite" until NBC shortened its name to "Parasite" on February 24, 2007. Like the previous episode, this episode debuted on Global in most Canadian markets a day ahead of NBC. This was the last episode to be aired until April 2007, when the series picked up once again to finish the season.


After Simone Deveaux dies, Isaac Mendez blames Peter Petrelli for her death and tries to shoot Peter, but he turns invisible and flies out the window. Distraught, Peter goes to Nathan for help. Nathan says he will leave an anonymous phone call to the police, directing them to Isaac's home. He advises Peter to get help from Mohinder, but Peter disappears again.

Thompson questions Mr. Bennet, who states that the last thing he remembers is driving his wife, Sandra, home from the hospital. He does not know the whereabouts of Claire or the Haitian. Later, outside the room, Thompson and Candice Wilmer observe Bennet, along with Matt Parkman, who is being held against his will. Parkman says that Mr. Bennet is telling the truth.

A few hours later, Mr. Bennet and Candice arrive at Isaac's apartment. Candice disguises herself as Simone and hides Simone's corpse to fool the police. She then uses this appearance to taunt Isaac, and he begs Mr. Bennet to stay. But Bennet refuses, claiming that they concocted an alibi, saying Simone will be in Europe indefinitely. After they leave, a devastated Isaac goes back to using heroin and paints several images which depict himself with his head cut open and his brain removed, the same as Sylar's victims, and just as Hiro saw when he traveled to the future.

The Haitian tells Claire that they must flee the country because they cannot trust anybody else. He tells Claire that they cannot stay with Peter Petrelli. He makes a phone call and speaks in French. Later, when they arrive at the airport, Claire manages to separate from the Haitian by taking his passport and boarding pass. She goes to Peter Petrelli's apartment in New York because he is the only person she trusts. Angela Petrelli opens the door, lets Claire come in and starts speaking in French. Angela introduces herself as Claire's grandmother and reveals that she has been trying to protect her. Because of that, she has been working with the Haitian, who had somehow found his way there before Claire arrived.

Before having his memory wiped, Mr. Bennet had told his wife to pretend that she had her memory erased by the Haitian. Moreover, he had told her the truth about whom he worked for and had given her a handwritten note, stating not to look for Claire. After returning from New York, Bennet reiterates his plan, affirming he will destroy Primatech, to "Sandra," whom Candice had been impersonating. As Candice reveals herself, Thompson and the men arrive to apprehend Bennet.

Nathan and Hiro meet each other at the hotel. Nathan gets Hiro into the museum, where he gives the remnants of the painting to the curator. After the curator leaves the room, Hiro performs a search on the curator's computer for the fabled sword of Takezo Kensei, which returns Item CRM-114. Just as Hiro is about to take the sword, the curator catches him and calls security. The first guard to get there is an undercover Ando, who helps him block off the rest of the security. Hiro finally gets the sword and teleports himself and Ando to the future New York, where they see the aftermath of the explosion. As they survey the wreckage of the city, a crushed Hiro says that he has failed.

Jessica Sanders continues to pose as Niki. She plays Heavenly Sword for the PlayStation 3 with Micah.[1] D.L. Hawkins, however, is getting suspicious of her due to a clue left by Niki, a picture of Nathan on his pillow. Jessica says that she was posing as a dealer and kisses him, then he leaves. Jessica confronts Niki in the mirror, then grabs a gun out of a duffel bag and loads it.

Nathan is working undercover with the FBI and has a wire strapped to him to get the evidence on Linderman. Jessica surprises the agents, who are set up in another room, and speaks to them by name, calling them Alonso and Quesada (references to Marvel Comics editors Axel Alonso and Joe Quesada), before killing them both. Nathan comes back to his room, where Niki has been waiting. After removing the wire from Nathan, she warns him that his life is in danger and advises him to either accept Linderman's deal or run. Nathan then chooses one of his own choices, which is to kill Linderman. Nathan confronts Linderman, who is cooking dinner in the hotel kitchen. He is about to shoot Linderman when the old man states that it would be pointless if Nathan shot him because Nathan himself would be dead in moments. He states that he knows about the powers of Nathan and Peter and other heroes, in addition to knowing about Claire. Linderman continues, promising Nathan that he will not only win the election but that he will be in the White House in a few years' time, a heartbeat away from the Presidency. Nathan puts down the gun.

Mohinder Suresh, back at his apartment, offers Sylar a cup of chai that is drugged with curare. After sipping the drugged drink, Sylar collapses. When Sylar reawakens, he is strapped down in a chair, hooked up to an I.V. filled with a fluid that prevents him from using his abilities. Mohinder reveals that he knew of Zane's death for quite some time, as Zane's body was eventually discovered and his death published in a newspaper. Sylar begs for his life and tells Mohinder that he knows about his sister and his father's secrets. Mohinder extracts spinal fluid from Sylar, runs the tests, and finally finds the key to being able to locate other people with superpowers. He tells Sylar that he will not forgive him for killing his father, despite their unstable relationship. Mohinder shoots at Sylar, but Sylar stops the bullet in mid-air, breaks free, and tells Mohinder he had stopped the I.V. long ago, adding that he was not really begging for his own life but offering Mohinder his.

Later, Peter comes to Mohinder's apartment, finding it darkened with the furniture overturned, as though a great struggle had taken place. Blood drips down onto him and he looks up to find a weakened Mohinder pinned to the ceiling, whispering, "Sylar." As he turns around, Sylar appears behind him and telekinetically pins him to the wall, grabbing him by the throat and inspecting him as he mutters, "You're like me, aren't you? I'd like to see how that works." He starts slicing Peter's head as Peter screams in pain. A few drops of blood and a lock of hair[2][3][4] fall to the floor as the episode ends.


In the 18-49 demographic, "Parasite" earned a 6.6/16 ratings share. This episode was watched by 14.90 million viewers.[citation needed]


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