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A parasite is an organism that has sustained contact with another organism to the detriment of the host organism.

Parasite or parasitism or parasitic may also refer to:

In scientific literature[edit]

In sociology and politics[edit]

  • Parasitism (social offense), a charge that is leveled against a group or class in society which is considered to be detrimental to the whole

In electronics[edit]

In other technology[edit]

  • Parasite aircraft, an aircraft that is carried aloft and launched by a larger aircraft
  • Parasitic drag, the drag of an airplane or a part of an airplane, not directly associated with lift, as opposed to lift-induced drag
  • Parasite experiment in experimental physics, an experiment done with a particle accelerator or other large facility without impacting other experiments or uses of the facility
  • Parasitic computing in computer science, a programming technique where a program, in the form of normal authorized interactions with another program, manages to get the other program to perform computations of a complex and un-authorized nature


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