Parasol Henbē

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Parasol Henbee
Parasol Henbe manga volume1.jpg
Parasol Henbee manga volume 1
(Parasoru Henbee)
GenreComedy, Fantasy, Adventure
Anime television series
Directed byMasakazu Higuchi
Written bySatoru Akahori
StudioStudio C&D
Original networkNHK
Original run 2 October 1989 28 January 1991
Written byFujiko A. Fujio
Published byKodansha
MagazineComic BonBon, Shōnen
DeveloperSAS Sakata
PublisherEpoch Co.
PlatformGame Boy
ReleasedNovember 16, 1990
DeveloperSAS Sakata
PublisherEpoch Co.
PlatformFamily Computer
ReleasedFebruary 15, 1991
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Parasol Henbee (パラソルヘンべえ, Parasoru Henbee) is a Japanese anime series created by Fujiko A. Fujio (the pen name for Motoo Abiko) in 1989 which ran for 200 episodes and was translated into many languages - Chinese, Hebrew and Spanish among them. Abiko also adapted the series into a manga.


While playing in his world Henbee fell down through a tunnel in a waterfall and woke up in the human world inside a closet of a kid named Maruko. The tunnel is closed, preventing him from returning to his home world. Henbee possesses a magical parasol and with it he can fly and do magic, he also can speak to animals and fulfill everyone's dreams. Soon Henbee and Maruko become friends, and Henbee gets to help him out while staying at Maruko's house. Occasionally the tunnel back to his home world opens and animals and friends from his home world come through. Later when Henbee gets the chance to return to his home world, he hesitates due to his friendship with Maruko. Later in the series Henbee and Maruko travel to his home world with Henbee's magical Parasol.


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