Parassinikkadavu Snake Park

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Parassinkkadavu Snake Park & Mini Zoo
Parassinikkadavu Snake Park.JPG
Location Parassinikkadavu, Kannur, India
Coordinates 11°59′25″N 75°23′21″E / 11.9902°N 75.3893°E / 11.9902; 75.3893Coordinates: 11°59′25″N 75°23′21″E / 11.9902°N 75.3893°E / 11.9902; 75.3893
Memberships CZA[1]

Parassinkkadavu Snake Park( പറശിനിക്കടവ് പാമ്പ് വളര്‍ത്തല്‍ കേന്ദ്രം) is located in Anthoor Municipality about 16 kilometres (9.9 mi) from Kannur Corporation in the Kannur district of north Kerala, in south India. The Snake Park is in Parassinikkadavu, which is 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) from National Highway (NH) 17, en route from Kannur to Taliparamba,

Snakes on Exhibition[edit]

The park houses a variety of snakes and other small animals, including the Spectacled Cobra, King Cobra, Russell's viper, Krait and various pit vipers. There is also a large collection of non-venomous snakes including pythons. The park is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of snakes, many species of which are gradually becoming extinct. In a live show, trained personnel play and 'interact' with a variety of snakes, including cobras and vipers, and try to quell mythical fears and superstitions about snakes.[citation needed] It has also been proposed that a laboratory to extract venom from snakes for purposes of research be set up here.

A shot from the snake park parassinikkadavu

Entrance Fees[edit]

Age Level Entrance fees(Rs)
Below 5 Years Free
Above 5 Years 20
Above 18 Years 30
Above 80 Years Free

Snake Bite Treatment Center[edit]

Pappinisseri Visha Chikitsa Society (Snake Bite Treatment Center) was started in the year 1964 at Pappinisseri, Kannur, Kerala with an intention to treat the ailing especially those suffering from snake envenomation. This institution is commemorated on behalf of the Late Sri. C.P. Kumaran Vaidyar and functions as the center for advanced clinical Research and literary documentation in Agada Tantra.Ever since its inception in 1964 it had the monopoly in treating snake bite cases and more than a million snake bite cases were treated and clinically documented.


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