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Suburb: Parau
City: Waitakere
Island: North Island
Surrounded by

 - to the north
 - to the north-east
 - to the east
 - to the south-west


Manukau Harbour

Parau is an Auckland suburb.

Parau is under the local governance of the Waitakere City Council. It is a coastal community close to Titirangi village

Parau is made up of Huia Road, one other looping street called Rauhuia Crescent and two cul de sacs, Staley Road and Shirley Road. It also consists of a safe clean beach called Armour Bay where locals can partake in tennis, and swimming in the Manukau Harbour which laps the beach.

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Coordinates: 36°58′S 174°37′E / 36.967°S 174.617°E / -36.967; 174.617