Parc Linéaire Le P'tit Train du Nord

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The former train station in Prévost along the trail.
Along the trail

The Parc Linéaire Le P'tit Train du Nord is a multi-use recreational rail trail located in Quebec. It originally was a railway track operated by Canadian Pacific Railway, Inc., which reportedly operated it at a continuous financial loss ever since its construction in the 1890s, before dismantling it during the 1990s to make way for today's beautiful recreational trail—save for the portion between Montréal and Saint-Jérôme which is still in service. Passenger train traffic on this line was so scarce that it gave way to the humorous and intricately philosophical and poetic song by Felix Leclerc, Le train du nord.

It runs for 200 kilometres (124 miles) between Saint-Jérôme and Mont-Laurier and is used for biking, cross-country skiing and hiking.[1]

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