Parc Safari

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Parc Safari
Logo parc.png
Date opened 1972
Location Hemmingford, Quebec, Canada
Coordinates 45°02′30″N 73°31′30″W / 45.04167°N 73.52500°W / 45.04167; -73.52500Coordinates: 45°02′30″N 73°31′30″W / 45.04167°N 73.52500°W / 45.04167; -73.52500
No. of animals 500
Memberships CAZA[1]

Parc Safari is a zoo in Hemmingford, Quebec, Canada, and is one of the region's major tourist attractions; that has both African & Asian species of elephant.

Parc Safari, an animal and amusement park was founded in 1972. It currently holds 500 animals of 75 different species.[2] It is located close to the United States and draws many American visitors. It contains many African animals, including zebra, African elephants, dromedary camels, elands, rhinos, wildebeest, ostriches, lions, Ankole-Watusi cattle, chimpanzees, and kudu. It also has many Asian animals, including Asiatic water buffalo, gaur, tigers, a Bactrian camel, Asian elephants, yaks, and many different types of deer. Other animals include bison, highland cattle, llamas, ponies, wallabies, guanaco, elk, and wolves.

The park consists of a drive-thru area, where the visitors can get close to the animals and feed them, and walking areas. One of the walking areas is an elevated boardwalk where visitors will see primarily carnivores such as lions and tigers, and the other is a wooded area called the "Farm of the Five Continents", which displays farm animals from around the world including donkeys and miniature horses, as well as emus and rheas. Parc Safari also has a small water park, which has a couple of small slides and some fountains. There is also a pool which is like a river with real stones on the bottom, fake caves, and quick rapids. People go through the "river" on small aquatic flotation devices.


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