Parc de Parilly

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Parc de Parilly
Plaine et forêt de Parilly.JPG
Park forest and field
Type Urban park
Location Bron and Vénissieux
Coordinates 45°43′19″N 4°54′00″E / 45.722°N 4.900°E / 45.722; 4.900Coordinates: 45°43′19″N 4°54′00″E / 45.722°N 4.900°E / 45.722; 4.900
Area 178 hectares (440 acres)
Created 1937 (1937)

Parc de Parilly is an urban park in the neighborhoods of Bron and Vénissieux, Lyon. Created in 1937, the park encompasses an area of 178 hectares (440 acres).[1] The park includes numerous sport facilities, including a running track, a hippodrome, and basketball courts. It is accessible by Lyon Metro Line D at Parilly station, by line T2 of the tramway at station Parilly-Université, and by bus 39.


In 1926, Lyon's mayor Édouard Herriot wanted to create a park in the east part of the city. The mayor of Bron at the time disapproved of the project because he thought that there was more important work that should be done, most notably the construction of housing for workers in the industrial district. However, in 1937 the city council approved the park and held a contest to select a designer. Pierre Bellemain was chosen to design the park, but the start of the second world war temporarily put the project on hold.

The hippodrome de Parilly (fr) was inaugurated in 1965.[1]


Previously managed by the department of Rhone, the park has been managed by Metropolitan Lyon since 1 January 2015. The park is known for its hippodrome and its numerous sports fields, including 11 football fields, 7 basketball courts, 2 running tracks, 1 rugby pitch, 3 handball courts, 1 baseball diamond, and 1 cricket pitch.

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